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You were of great help! I have totally forgotten than my kid needs to be prepared for the day hospital. I remembered about it during the weekend, and besides, Monday was a national holiday. We’ve been to almost all the medical centres in town, all were closed, even though in the info it was stated that they ere working. Fortunately, this medical centre was working. We’ve submitted to all the tests and now we won’t be late for the day hospital. Thank you -)))

Irina Irina 2016.06.13

I was operated by an amazing surgeon-oncologist Burmistrov Mikhail Vladimirovich in November, 2015. This man has a heart of gold, he’s a great professional, he knows how to make a person believe in himself, how to get one into a recovering mood. He is a born doctor, who helped me to gain my health once again, to get my positive thinking back, as well as my faith in the future. I want to congratulate Mikhail Vladimirovich with his birthday with all my heart, I wish him great luck, good health, new professional achievements, and happiness. Dear Mikhail Vladimirovich, I wish you and your nearest and dearest all the best, lots of joy, and all your dreams to come true!

Halliluin Nail Rafgatovich 2016.06.01

I’ve read an article, and I think it’s good I have been breastfeeding my daughter for six months.. I’ve learnt many useful things. Thank you. I wish everyone understood the priceless gift of a woman to breastfeed a child....

Kindyushova Svetlana Nikolayevna 2016.05.22

I’d like to express my gratitude to A. G. Tihonova. She’s a great professional, she’s a very empathetic, amiable, and attentive doctor. Thank you, Alexandra Georgievna!

Kayumova Elena Evgenievna 2016.04.27

I would like to express my gratitude to Irina Loginova for her professionalism, and her great decent attitude towards me as a client. Many thanks!

Evstigneyeva Yekaterina Viktorovna 2016.04.24

Good afternoon! I’ve been visiting the medical centre on Gvardeyskaya st. for many years, since its location is convenient, there’s agreat range of specialist, and medical tests are performed quickly. I would like to express my profound gratitude to Loginova Irina Gennadyevna for her professionalism, kidness, epmathy, solicitous attitude to her client. Thank you for caring about our health! I recommend your centre to all my acquaintances, family, and friends. Thanks to the centre administration for choosing great personnel.

Mordvintseva Irina Petrovna 2016.04.20

Dear Elvira Rinatovna! We express our profound gratitude to you and to all the medical personnel of the ‘Family’s Health’ medical centre. My family and I have been patients of the centre since 2006. Special thanks to Zagidullin A.G., Bayrasheva A.A, Burmistrov M.V., and also great thanks to wonderful professioinal nurses Loginova Irina and Zaharina Albina. Thank you very much for your attentive attiude to us! Sincerely, Terehini family.

Terehin Dmitriy Vladimirovich 2016.04.14

I would like ot express my deep gratitude to the nurse of the medical treatment room, Zaharina Albina Mikhailovna. She’s a real expert in her field. My veins aren’t very good, but she’s a real magician, she managed to draw my blood at first attempt, and it was totally painless. She’s very attentive, affable, and responsive. I am very content. Thanks a lot to your clinic, and to Albina as well!!!!

Halilova Vera Vasilyevna 2016.04.14

I’d like to express my gratitude to the wonderful nurse, LOGINOVA IRINA GENNADIYEVNA. She’s an amazing, kind, responsive person! I wish you good health and success at work! Thank YOU very much!!!!!!

Valieva Guselia Albertovna 2016.04.13

Good afternoon! I was under medical treatment performed by your otolaryngologist. I’d like to express deep gratitude to doctor Mosikhin Sergey Borisovich and his assisting nurse Irina. I’ve never experience being treated with such attention and care in any other medical establishment! The doctor-otolaryngologist, the nurse - they both treated me like family before and after the surgery. The nurse answered my phone calls and consulted me how to behave after the surgery. S. B. Mosihin is a born doctor. Thank you very much for your talent. Thanks to your clinic for the comfort, professionalism, and a perfect choice of qualified specialists. I will recommend you to all my acquaintances.

Mironkin Denis Valeriyevich 2016.04.02

I would like to thank Karimova Tatiyana Amirovna. I purposely was looking for a female urologist. I succeeded. My mum (she’s 77) has undergone a cure. She was relieved a lot. We are continuing the treatment. The main thing is, we were diagnosed correctly. We received proper treatment. Tatiyana Amirovna showed consideration and treated us with attention. She explicitly explained the reason for the disease to us. My mum visits this doctor with pleasure and trust. That’s the most important thing for the speedy recovery.

Salnikova Natalya Vasilyevna 2016.03.28

I have just returned from YOU I was having my medical tests Once again Great job EVERYTHING’S ACCURATE no fuss and the main thing, it was quick! Thank you for the PRICES and for the discounts they warm our, retired people, souls! KEEP IT UP! I’ll see the results on the internet this is really CONVENIENT! I CAN’T HELP BUT PRAISE YOU! GREAT JOB!


I’d like to express gratitude to Popova Anna Vladimirovna, an Endocrinologist. A great specialist! She’s very responsive, she explains everything! All in all, thank you very much!!! I recommend her, she’s a great doctor, she’s an expert in her field!!!

Hakimova Gulnara Rafailovna 2016.02.25

I’d like to express gratitude to Safina Dilyara Damirovna, a gastroenterologist. She’s a knowing doctor, she explained everything, made it very clear.

Anonymous 2016.01.28

Safina Dilyara Damirovna is a gastroenterologist. Professional approach. Considerate attitude to the complaints and the tests’ results. Respectful attitude to a patient during the appointment. She is really trying to help, not to just work her hours. I’ll recommend her to everyone in need of a help by a gastroenterologist.

Habibullina Gulnaz Damirovna 2016.01.27

I used the services of the centre on Chistopolskaya st., my son needed to have a few medical tests done, he was terrified of any procedure. I was very surprised, he didn’t make a sound. Moreover, he didn’t have any fear at all, for which I give the credit to the nurses who were taking the credit to the nurses who were taking the samples. Unfortunately, I didn’t ask for their names. The atmosphere in the lab is very pleasant, and the kid was enraptured by the medals he was awarded. Thank you very much for your service!

Sharafutdinova Milyausha Mashudovna 2016.01.16

I’d like to express deep gratitude to Mustafina Guzel Masgutovna, a paediatrician. She’s a real expert, a born psychologist and doctor! She doesn’t just diagnose a kid and prescribe treatment, she carries everything through, I’ve seen it for myself. It’s obvious that she really loves her job and children, who see her. May she have good health and all the best!

Sharafutdinova Milyausha Mashudovna 2016.01.16

I was being followed up by Myasnikova Galina Viktorovna for my pregnancy. She’s a good, attentive doctor. She explains everything, treats patients with empathy. She’s tactful. Me and my husband are satisfied. Hasanova is a good infectiologist. I went to her being anxious after having my medical tests, but she explained everything explicitly. She said that there was no need for additional analyses. According to my experience, doctors in other commercial clinics prescribe anything, only to make the patient pay for going through one more procedure.

Anonymous 2016.01.14

I only have the best impressions, many thanks to Muhutdinova Farida Ibragimovna. She’s a great doctor and an understanding person. There are feedbacks saying she’s a bit cold-hearted, but a doctor should cure us, not love us. I am very thankful to her and I recommend everyone to come to her. 

Guest 2016.01.13

Zaripova Ramziia Tabrisovna. I liked it. Of course, the price is a bit too high for a doctor, in my opinion. But, I guess, I had no choice. Another doctor in a public free-of-charge hospital didn’t meet my demands, she didn’t answer my questions, I didn’t receive appropriate treatment. That’s why we went to the best doctor according to the reviews, and the price didn’t stop us.

Timur 2015.12.28