Personal paediatrician

One of the services that our centre offers is supervising your kids by a personal 


A personal doctor today is not a luxury, it is a necessity.  The specialists working in our centre are professionals, they work closely with you, the closest people to your child who knows the most about him or her. Our specialists work in team with the doctors of narrow specialties, carry out selection of necessary volume of research, consultations, develop systems of prevention and treatment of diseases.

We offer you modern medical technologies, effectively organised work, maximum result with minimal time spent by you, high professionalism, and individual complex outpatient service. As a consequence, you will be calm and sure that your baby’s health is aright.

‘Personal Paediatrician’ is an individually developed program of complex examination and supervision of children of different ages, starting with birth and until the teen age.

 ‘Personal Paediatrician’ is a comprehensive medical care of the child in compliance with federal standards, individual characteristics of the young patient’s health and development are taken into consideration.

Your baby will be provided with a home doctor, necessary consultative help of all the specialists, all the types of hardware diagnostics and laboratory research.

Planned vaccination will be performed in the appropriate time after a medical examination, all the peculiarities of your baby’s health will be taken into consideration.

We arrange celebrations for our kids, make competitions, and give presents.

We strive to be useful for your family, and to always be near!

Depending on your child’s age, your and his or her needs, we offer a few types of programmes:

 maximum (maxi)

- medium (medi)

- minimum (mini)

Child’s age





Follow-up of the patient by a personal paediatrician, domiciliary visits by a paediatrician.

Follow-up of the patient, domiciliary visits by a paediatrician, cooperation with narrow specialists in the centre, ultrasound examination, tests, massage.

Follow-up of the patient, domiciliary visits by a paediatrician and specialists, cooperation with narrow specialists in the centre, ultrasound examination, tests, vacciantion, massage.

From 0 to 1 year old

From RUB 34 100

From RUB 48 750

From RUB 74 650

From 1 to 2 years old

From RUB 26 600

From RUB 38 480

From RUB 51 040

From 2 to 6 years old

From RUB 23 600 

From RUB 46 780

From RUB 51 880

From 6 to 17 years old

From RUB 20 600


From RUB 43 930

 * for villages and residential complexes related to Kazan, the remoteness rate is applied


 You can address your questions about buying the ‘Personal Paediatrician’ programme  to our operators, phone number: 

8(843) 245-40-72


Salahova Galina Mikhaylovna

Slepneva Anna Sergeyevna 8 -90-61-14-78-33