Prenatal care

Pregnancy is a wondrous and very responsible period of a woman’s life. 40 weeks of pregnancy is a whole way from an embryo to a fully formed human being. During that period of time, the woman might have all sorts of questions, worries, and problems.

It is not always possible to find an answer to a worrisome question by talking to a friend or reading books and magazines. Every woman is unique and requires individual approach.

A lot depends on how the mother to be feels, both emotionally and physically, how well she takes care of her own health, how the medical supervision is conducted.

If you are pregnant, your and your baby’s health depend on you, first and foremost.

You should not think that if you are feeling well, you do not need to visit a doctor. Unfortunately, your good health is not yet a guarantee that your baby is in the same state.

Start being supervised by a doctor due to your pregnancy as early as possible.

Prenatal care program has become a very popular service in Kazan lately. Lots of women have themselves made sure that prenatal care in a good clinic with a good specialist saves them from many difficulties and risks, and now they advise their friends to do the same.

Our medical centres have everything necessary to conduct prenatal care from any gestational age. You individual obstetrician-gynaecologist will be supervising your pregnancy.

The doctor will tell you everything about how your baby is developing, will give you advice, teach you to understand what is happening to the baby in one case of another, based on the results of the examinations and tests. The consultation will be appointed for the time suitable for you.

You need to sign up for monitoring in the medical centre  "Family's Health" and sign a contract for the prenatal care program. It includes the following issues:

  • Full lab and ultrasound examination;
  • Regular check-ups with a doctor at the time that is suitable for you, you can ask any question you have (you can also do it by phone with your obstetrician-gynaecologist);
  • Scheduled checks with the doctors of various specializations (geneticist, dentist, general practitioner, endocrinologist, etc).

US (including 3D and 4D), CTG - these and other examinations are essential during pregnancy; in our clinic, you will be able to have them with the help of experienced specialists and the most modern equipment.

There is no queueing for lab and US rooms services, all the appointments are arranged in advance to suit your schedule.

The advantages of prenatal care program in the  "Family's Health" centre are numerous.

We have experts specializing in miscarriage and cervical pathology, who are able to solve the problems in a quick and qualified way.

Examination of the child’s father is included into the programme.

An exchange card and a medical certificate are issued while signing a contract. Our pregnant patients receive a full complex of the required documents, including a referral to get a maternal certificate.

Our clinic is cooperating with the best maternity hospitals in Kazan, and aside from that, we offer a possibility of giving birth in Germany.

Sterile and disposable materials and tools that are used in the work are included into the price of the individual prenatal care program.

Description of the Prenatal Care programme

Prenatal Care programme in the ‘Family’s Health’ medical centre

Pregnancy is a very responsible, important, and exciting period in every woman’s life, and your child’s health and your future life depend on how it is going. Every woman has her own way of experiencing this wonderful moment, but it is important to each that pregnancy passes with no complications.

We offer you to share the care for yourself and your child with the doctors of our clinic within the Prenatal Care program, which is well-developed and has proved to be of good quality.

Prenatal Care program in the «Family's Health»  medical clinic has four types: standard, program for pregnant women at risk of ABO-conflict, program for pregnant women at risk of Rh-conflict, program for pregnant women at risk of ABO and Rh-conflictThese programmes only differ by the list of lab diagnostics. Your doctor will help you to choose the most suitable for you program based on your and your husband’s test results.

Prenatal Care program in the «Family's Health» centre guarantees personal guidance of the patient during the whole period of pregnancy and the postnatal period, it includes:

Consultations with a private obstetrician-gynaecologist (it is possible to get an appointment with the doctor at the centre, and there is always an opportunity to talk to the doctor via mobile phone), and appointments with other specialists (general practitioner, endocrinologist, ophthalmologist, otolaryngologist, neurologist, cardiologist, geneticist, dentist (examination)) at the time that is suitable for you arranged in advance.

Examination of the husband is included into the programme.

Diagnostic and instrumental studies: repeated ultrasound of the foetus (including 3D / 4D, which allows you to see the foetus in three dimensions simultaneously, and save to DVD the very first film about your baby shot before birth), cardiotocography (CTG), electrocardiography (ECG).

All the range of the required lab examinations is performed according to the following principle: one sample withdrawing for the maximum amount of tests (minimal vein traumatizing), the tests are performed in the centre’s own laboratory.

Additional consultations with the specialists, concilia, and additional examinations are conducted according to the prescription by the observing obstetrician-gynaecologist in case of complications and conditions that require further attention by the doctors. 

The program provides the possibility for the pregnant woman to stay in day care in the case of early toxicity, or in cases of the placenta work disorders.

Postnatal monitoring is included into the programme (consultations with the obstetrician-gynaecologist, swab analysis, total blood count, urinalysis, ultrasound of the pelvic organs).

Preparing all the necessary medical documents in accordance with the standards of medical records: registration at any stage, registration of a sick leave, maternity leave, and a referral for a generic certificate.

A pregnant woman can sign up for the programme at any gestational age, the programme is paid for according to the price list in use. Both one-time payment and payments by trimester are available.

If you wish, we can organise an examination in Germany for you.. As it is known, Germany is famous with the high quality of the medical services and affordable prices for them.

If you decided to purchase the ‘Individual Prenatal Care’ programme, or if you have any question regarding this service, please contact our managers by this phone number: 8 (843) 245-40-72



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